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Pearl Cream  by Jenju
Genuine crushed pearls skin care products - a luxurious and ancient remedy originating from China over a thousand years ago.

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Jenju Pearl Cream
JEN-0810  1.7oz.

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Lavished on the Chinese royal court for centuries, finely crushed pearls is the Asian aristocrat's age-fighting secret formula.

Microscopic spheres of freshwater pearls lightly lift the topmost layer of skin to reveal baby-fresh, glowing skin underneath. For skin lacking luster, Jenju's protein packed, moisture-maxing cream banishes dryness all day.

Jenju's Pearl Cream is a burst of pure nutrition. Packed with protein-rich pearl powder, vitamins, and herbs in a fluffy, weightless cream. Benefits include continuous supply of nourishment, helps enhance skin cell renewal, protects against environmental radicals, boosts skins natural radiance, and helps reduce trans-epidermal moisture loss.

If your skin has lost its morning dew, don't be a lady in waiting; Truly vibrant, smiling skin is your divine right!

Apply to skin after gentle cleansing. Leave on overnight. Wash off in the morning.


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